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Access control is all about providing security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter a building and when .

Add safety and security to your building. Whether you need a simple one door access control
or a multi door system spanning hundreds of doors, Home Tech can assist in the planning and 
installation for your entire access control requirements, backed by uncompromising customer service and support.
Installing access control systems is a way of protecting your property, your employees and your visitors. 
By managing and monitoring access into and from any area or building, 
a flexible system can ensure complete control over any site, however large or small



Proximity card readers are a common type of card reader, usually mounted on a wall or door frame. Proximity cards or proximity UBand wristbands are scanned in front of the reader to grant access, with some readers having a scan range of up to six inches



access control system integrates with biometrics  
confirm the identity of the person trying to gain access to a protected area. 
Fingerprint identification is the most popular biometric method today due to its superior 
combination of strength, affordability, convenience and ease of use. It offers dual authentication 
and increased security by matching proximity cards with fingerprints to prevent identity fraud.



Pin pads or keypads for doors are either connected to a central access control system, standalone pin pads, keypads on door locks or deadbolts or IP connected pin pads. Sometimes for the purpose of time and attendance they are paired up with biometrics since PIN codes can be passed on. That's by the way a big reason Kisi currently does not offer PIN codes.



Technologically advance home intercom systems have not been rendered obsolete by cell phones. It still makes sense in situations with employees, health care providers, children or the elderly to have a residential home intercom.  With a system in place, you will easily be able to locate or relay a message to someone within your home or on your property with the push of a button. Therefore, home intercom stations placed throughout a property allow residents/employees to communicate without wandering from room to room. Residential home intercoms can be placed in every room of the home, property and garage for maximum communication.
Additionally, the role a home intercom system plays in home security is an important consideration. Door video entry systems are a great way to add protection without an obtrusive system in place. Residential home intercom systems options range from internal communications within the home to pre-screening visitors before allowing them inside. Some home intercom options and solutions are listed below

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